Snacks and Ladders


This is one of those places where concept and dining experience take precedence over food. Think of it as a cafe or restaurant that serves barkada fun and family bonding. Oh, and yes, there’s food. I took my wife and teenage girls here for Father’s Day snacks and family bonding and that’s exactly what we got. No wifi. No texting. No Facebook, snapchat or IG. We played board games instead. There’s lots to chose from — a lot of those board games I never knew existed. We enjoyed the thinking games because I am fascinated to hear my children think. Nachos were so-so. There were too few of the Jenga cheese sticks so it got wiped out in seconds. The twisted Turon was good. I’ve had better fries at potato corner. But hey, we enjoyed just the same. Maybe there were better things to order but we were too busy playing games to have a second look at the menu. It would be a good idea to come here on a rainy Sunday afternoon with family and friends. Plan your orders so the eating won’t get in the way. To the owners of this place, thank you. My advice though is to have more in the menu. Bite size chunks of meatier, heartier stuff for occasional gourmands to enjoy. It is after all, a restaurant. Or cafe? Or salon? Or whatever. I’d like to come back next time. Maybe I’d get luckier with what I order. Game!