Papa Diddi’s


This place is quaint. It is quite small and can seat about 5-7 people inside but there is a patio area which is an area shared with other restaurants besides it. They use local resources which is a plus for me (support local farmers!). Their ice cream flavors changes everyday.

I was able to taste test all the available ice cream they had that day. My favorite, and what I got was Mother’s Love (panatcha flavor). I like that they have rather exotic flavors such as Tarragon which is my next choice or the mango flavored ice cream with pili nuts. They also had a black rice ice cream which I though was lacking in taste. The Davao Meets Bicol (chocolate with chili) was another interesting flavor as well as the Basil Leaf. They have interesting names for some of their ice cream which gives them character.

For their ice cream sandwich, you can choose to have chocolate chip cookie, oatmeal, ginger, or peanut butter. It does not have to be the same flavors fpr both cookies as you can have 2. I liked the design on the plate. The price was good though do not get single scoop (unless you’re on a diet).

Staff seemed really nice and accommodating.

Would have given a 5 but place was small inside, otherwise I really like this place. I would definitely come back.