Griddle Steak X Wings


Maginhawa is continously expanding to a whole new world of flavors and cuisines. With the growing competition, one needs to level-up to differentiate themselves with the competition. Griddle is one of the new players that serves FilAm comfort food in the area. It’s in a double decker house that has been halved and converted to a small restaurant.

With a shortlist of menu items, we ordered almost half of the choices.

Honey Bagoong Wings is their Filipinized version of buffalo wings. Crispy breaded wings generously with sweet bagoong with some pork fat. It just literally tasted like dipping the wings in bagoong. I really loved their boldness in doing this. As a bagoong fan, i like the flavor profiles of this dish, but still a debate for some. πŸ“

Lechon Tacos is a deconstructed soft tacos served with lechon, chopped onions, cabbage and lechon sauce. The pork meat has a nice robust, smokey flavor and was well seasoned. It has the taste of lechon/sisig. It similar to how pritson is served, with a tortilla and the traditional liver sauce. πŸ–

Griddle Steak is a T-bone steak that is pan-grilled with oil & butter. The steak was tender, considering the thickness of the beef (1/4 inch) and was well seasoned with pepper. It lacks a bit of salt which I find a loss. The best steak for me is cooking it in a super hot cast iron griddle or grill that is seasoned with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Let its own fat cook it to perfection. πŸ„

Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken was tasty & juicy chicken thigh that is battered and fried. The batter has a similiar taste from a pancake mix, because of buttermilk, in a good way. It reminds me of myself, when I was a kid, cooking fried chicken coated in pancake batter mix. I hope they offer waffles to pair with this fries chicken.πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—

Grilled Lime Pork Belly was tender pan-cooked pork belly that has a charred, caramelized flavor. My guess is it was cooked in oil and butter because there was a burnt butter, charry taste in the pork belly, which i find it a bit off. I didn’t taste the lime, but i like the doneness of the pork, just right.

Overall their aim to serve Fil-American comfort food is there, but the execution part needs improvement. It’s one thing to have an affordable price, but it’s another thing to have ‘great food that is value for money.’