Fat Cousin’s Diner

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This place surprised me because I had no idea the price of their food would be so low. The restaurant is air conditioned and looks pretty cool! Funny thing is, I wanted to order additional fries but I can’t. It is not an option. Too bad coz the fries that came with the burger was surprisingly okay but it wasn’t enough! Having said that, the burger patty looked home made and it tasted okay and by okay i mean edible, smelled like beef, tasted like beef… the chicken and roast beef were both tender and tasty. Will I come back? uuhhhmmmm probably… coz i’m curious to try their steak. But i’m not too eager to go back right away. And hopefully their food presentation and taste improves. Menu is also limited, I think they should add a fish option. All orders come wih unlimited rice & drinks.

update: went back to try their steak… uhhm it was hard as a rock. the taste was okay but i can’t even chew it (requested it to be cooked medium well) the roast beef was pretty decent though. the food is not terrible, but it is not amazing too. like what people say “laman tyan din yan”