Caution Hot!


Quality over quantity: Despite the long line before being seated and the very few dishes on the menu, this is the best cheap place I’ve tried in maginhawa (been assigned her for work for a month already). They only have ramen and dumplings on their menu, but it’s really good. I love their idea of allowing the customer to customize their ramen. You get to hoose your soup base, noodles (wheat or egg noodles) and even choose the level of heat of their ramen. Their servings here are also big, one ramen bowl can be good for up to two people. The noodles are just the right amount of firm (medium, but you can choose hard or soft depending on your preference). For their dumplings, I like their kuchay-pork dumplings more than the pork, because of the right balance between the vegetable and pork. The wrap is also not too soggy. It goes well with the black vinegar with pickled ginger and their chili oil! Will certainly go back here whenever I’m in maginhawa! 😋