Cafe Mithi


Cafe Mithi is a pretty and artsy cafe. They host quite a lot of watercolor and calligraphy workshops. Since I joined a calligraphy workshop here, I got to try the food in Cafe Mithi too.

We had their Shreded Tapa and Iced Cafe Mocha. I found the tapa to be sweet. It’s sweetness was a little odd for me but I couldn’t quite tell what was off about it. I enjoyed it a lot more when I put vinegar on it. We also liked how they presented their rice. We did all find it to be quite a big serving of rice.

The Iced Mocha I got was originally… weird and quite sour. I tried my sister’s and it tasted very different. I told the servers about it and they happily replaced it for me.

I just had to try their dish called Masagana. This is basically a serving of mojos and wedges together. I liked their mojos a little more than their wedges. These were served with a dip that resembles thousand island dressing. I enjoyed it more with ketchup.

As we were getting ready to leave, their Kariktan, Ice Blended Coffee with Yema Syrup, caught my attention. Of course, I just had to try it! It was pretty good and it wasn’t as sweet as I expected it to be. It was sweet but refreshing at the same time.

When you visit, make sure your phone has battery. You’re going to want to take a lot of pictures here! 😊 The place is pretty narrow with quite a lot of stairs to climb. Don’t worry, they have a doorbell system in place that will let the servers downstairs know that you need yhem. πŸ‘